British PM: Britain ready to use nuclear weapons against Russia

Prime Minister of the Great Britain Theresa May is ready to use nuclear weapons as "deterrent force". She stated this at a press conference in Bratislava.

May visited Slovakia on a one-day visit as the country presiding from July 1 in the European Union. The press conference was broadcast by TV Tablet.

The journalist of the Slovak TV channel TV3, in connection with the debate in the British Parliament about the nuclear potential of this country, asked May: "Is the British Prime Minister ready to use nuclear weapons against Russia?"

"Indeed, last week there passed a very important vote in the parliament on the continuation of our nuclear programme," May said. "During the debate, the question was raised about whether I was willing to use nuclear weapons as deterrent force. And my answer was: "Yes!".

The British Parliament previously voted to modernize the country's nuclear shield, which will cost the budget, according to official figures, several tens of billions of pounds; according to unofficial information - several hundred.

DONi News Agency