Brigade Commander Abkhaz says DPR expects trophy Javelins and other stuff

The Javelin anti-tank complexes that America will supply to Ukraine will in no way help Kiev win the military campaign in Donbass, Commander of the International Pyatnashka Brigade Akhra Avidzba ("Abkhaz") told Alexander Medinsky, a Ukrainian video blogger and a former participant of the so-called 'ATO'.

"What can they do? Will the Javelins shoot me, an infantryman? Tank troops from both sides know that if the infantry does not come in, the tanks won't mess either. No matter how many Javelins they provide, it will just give one more reason for Ossetia, which recognized the DPR, or my Abkhazia, to deliver there some trophies we once took from the Georgians, and ask Russia for a corridor. Russia, as our strategic partner, can not refuse us. I think it won't be any good for anybody, as Georgia was also provided quite well in its day, warehouses are still full."

Avidzba also noticed that American weapons require special care, and Ukrainian soldiers do not have the appropriate experience.

"They are just making an impressive advertisement, a wrapper, but it did not help the ISIS they provided. This is not help, but actually a disservice. They send money to Ukraine and say: buy the written off equipment. Why cannot they invest in the tank factory in Kharkov, and this would be real help to people, they would be able to earn money. There are repair bases in Ukraine and so on. Thus, this is not help," the DPR Brigade Commander said.

DONi News Agency