Books about Novorossia, “Givi” and “Motorolla” presented at Minsk International book fair

Books about Novorossia and Donetsk defenders’ late Commanders “Givi” and “Motorolla” were presented at the Minsk International book fair. Russian publishing houses presented these books on their stands, reports radio “Svoboda”.

“The publishing house “Knizny mir” presented the books “The knights of Novorossia. Chronicles of the legendary Motorolla’s correspondent” by Gennady Dubovoy and “Donbass: from Slavyansk to Debaltsevo” by Mikhail Polikarpov, with late “Givi” (Mikhail Tolstikh) and “Motorolla” (Arsen Pavlov) on the covers”, said in the report.

According to the publishing house’s information, these books caused accusations on the part of the fair organizers’ representative.

“People had been warned that these books are unwanted in our country, there is a list of extremist literature prohibited in Belarus. The books were taken away in our eyes and so it was settled. Not only the Russian stands were examined, but all the others too. And we shall continue the monitoring”, underlines the Belarus publishing house’s representative.

DONi News Agency