Blood runs cold: DPR soldier tortured to death in Ukrainian captivity [18+]

Head of the Republican of Forensic Medical Examination Bureau of the DPR Healthcare Ministry Dmitry Kalashnikov on March 9 stated possible causes of death of the deceased DPR serviceman captured by the Ukrainian military during the attempted AFU breakthrough in the vicinity of Oktyabr settlement.

"We received the body of the deceased Yevgeny Toropkin, the examination showed pronounced anaemia, multiple injuries, as well as large lesions in the head. Most likely, these injuries in the head were fatal, bodily injuries are of intravital nature. Already while examining the corpse it is clearly visible that the skin flaps had been cut and stitched.

The craniocerebral trauma is a multi-lobed massive fracture of the skull bones. We can not even imagine what they had been caused by.

We received a Ukrainian death certificate, in which it was stressed that death came due to uncertain intentions, that is, it is a murder for sure, and in our case it is a war crime," Dmitry Kalashnikov said.

He also stressed that the serviceman lacks skin in the regions where injuries had been inflicted.

The Head of the Republican Forensic Medicine Bureau noted that Yevgeny Toropkin had died as a result of acute anaemia and traumatic shock as a minimum. It is very difficult to identify the type of damage.

"The Ukrainian side writes in the death certificate that this is a gunshot wound. We can not state this for certain now," Dmitry Kalashnikov said.

Previously it was reported that on March 2, under the cover of mortar fire, 15 fighters from the 36th Ukrainian marine brigade made an attempt to seize the DPR positions on the contact line in the vicinity of Oktyabr settlement. As a result of the clash, one defender of the Donetsk People's Republic was wounded, and another one – Toropkin Yevgeny Igorevich – was taken prisoner.

DONi News Agency