The big dump: Ukraine plunges in chaos along with Chernobyl

The exclusion zone around the former Chernobyl nuclear power plant has recently acquired the status of a biosphere reserve. But, it seems, not for long. Ukrainian officials have quite different plans for this territory.

Ukraine is concerned that this zone's huge territory, which is the size of the whole Luxembourg, is not utilized at all and does not bring any benefit to the country. We are talking about the exclusion zone, where until now, decades after the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster, one can neither live nor work.

And if this is not possible, then the zone can be used as a dump. This proposal was made by the Kiev City Council. And even earlier, the Lvov mayor was ready to dump his garbage there. And not only his own – he suggested sending there waste from all of Ukraine. This is much easier than to arrange the waste processing at home.

However, the deputy chairman of the Kiev City Council Pyotr Panteleyev believes that the issue of waste cannot be solved by processing. Even after it there is something to take to the dump - and Chernobyl is there to suggest itself. There is, says the official, only one nuance: according to the law, you cannot take garbage there.

But the law can be changed! What's up with the fact only a year ago there appeared a biosphere reserve. This ecosystem is not a big deal  - only the lazy haven't made jokes about Chernobyl apples for these years. Surely there are a lot of mutants, which means they wouldn't mind trash.

But biologists would argue. The reserve there appeared not in vain, because there is something to preserve, really. Life in natural conditions, without people, did a power of good for animals. Despite the pollution, the local flora and fauna returned almost to their original state.

That's what happens when Ukrainian officials simply stop interfering with the natural course of things. But they obviously cannot just leave it so – it's disarray. If Ukraine plunges in chaos, let it do it together with Chernobyl.

Author: Maria Balyabina, radio Sputnik

DONi News Agency