Artists from Germany, Sweden, Japan, France willing to perform in Donetsk in 2018

The Donetsk State Academic Philharmonic plans to conduct a number of concerts in 2018 with the participation of performers from far abroad. This was announced today by the director of the institution Alexander Paretsky.

"Next year we plan to hold a number of concerts with the participation of foreign musicians. So, on January 21, German pianist Ella Sevskaya will perform on our stage. And on January 27 the organist from Sweden Tatiana Gamar will perform with our musicians a concert for the pipe organ with the orchestra of the Belgian composer Claus Peter Flor. This work will sound for the first time on the Donetsk stage," Paretsky said.

The Director General of the Philharmonic added that musicians from Japan and France are also scheduled to participate in the festival "Prokofiev Spring" in the spring. Their names have not been disclosed. In addition, talks are being held about performances in Donetsk of pianists from Italy and Portugal.

DONi News Agency