Armata tank development proceeding according to plan - Rogozin

Field trials of the new advanced Russian main battle tank, Armata, are proceeding on schedule and without complications, said Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Dimitry Shoigu. His statement was given to TASS News.  

"They are proceeding according to plan," he said in reply to a question about how operational tests were going on. "Various technologies are being tested and the issue of automatizing all of the tank’s systems is being considered," Rogozin said.

The board of Russia’s military and industrial commission will soon hear a report by Uralvagonzavod newly-appointed CEO Alexander Potapov on the pace of these works, the vice-premier said.

"We do not expect any complications with this machine," Rogozin said.

The volume of Armata tank purchases for the Russian Armed Forces will be specified by September, the vice-premier said. "The purchase parameters will be formalized under a new state armament program," Rogozin said.

"In September, it [the state armament program] will be reported in quite an assembled form to the Russian president, including the specified purchase volume for this tank," he said.

The new draft state armament program is expected to be submitted to the Defense Ministry and the board of the military and industrial commission in early May, the vice-premier said.

DONi News Agency

According to: TASS News