'From anti-Maidan protests to Donbass war – Journey of a model becoming a war correspondent' - Video interview

Katya Katerina is a war correspondent in Donetsk People's Republic. She works today as the Head of the News Front agency in DPR, and correspondent she has been since beginning of the war in Donbass. Katya has also been part of our DONi News Team for a long time.

International DONi Press French journalist Christelle Neant decided to make an interview with Katya, and share her interesting career with the international audience.

"Some people asked me who is Katya, as I work and mention her often in my reports and articles. So I have decided two months ago to make an interview of her, which I publish today. I let you discover her story, how her personal life was completely changed by the Maidan events, and how she sees the future of her motherland," says Christelle Neant in DONi Press article.

Full English video interview is seen above and from the DONi Press Youtube-channel.

Article: DONi Press

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