American company boasts of lethal weapons' supply to Ukraine

Private American company AirTronic USA has established supplies of grenade launchers to Ukraine. This was announced on Tuesday by the company's Chief Operating Officer Richard Vandiver in an interview with Voice of America.

"A company from Texas, AirTronic USA, having received a license, delivers grenade launchers to Ukraine. The PSRL grenade launcher, created in the US, is an improved version of the Soviet RPG-7," it was reported. According to Vandiver, the American party started cooperation with Ukraine two years ago, but the first deliveries of grenade launchers were carried out in 2016.

"We began to deliver our vendibles to Ukraine last year and continue to supply to this day. I cannot talk about the details on what and how we do it, but I can say that in very close coordination with the US embassy, the State Department, The Pentagon and with the Ukrainian government," he said. Vandiver said that American systems are delivered "under the export license of the US Department of State."

The delivery of these weapons, the company's director believes, does not contradict the Minsk agreements on settling the situation in the Donbass. The PSRL grenade launcher, he added, is a lethal weapon system of a defensive nature.

"Obviously, the PSRL is a lethal weapon system, but this is a defensive lethal weapon. It's not some serious missile systems, they have only 1000 meters range. As long as these weapons systems remain on the Ukrainian side of the border, this is not an offensive weapon," he said.

DONi News Agency