All quiet on the street – Lugansk residents on situation in LPR capital

On the central streets of Lugansk there are more people in camouflage than usual. But, in general, the situation in the city is not much different from everyday, all the services are operation in a regular mode, thus causing no discontent among the population, a source reports with reference to local citizens.

"The tension can be felt in the city on Kotsyubynsky Street and the nearby territory – that is, where the administrative buildings are located. The street itself is not blocked and civil transport passes along. In the city everything is as usual," an administrator of a local public source said.

Another resident of Lugansk, who wished to remain anonymous, told that all was calm in the city at the moment.

"We just worked yesterday, all day in the usual mode. The local market operates in full. The telephone connection is stable," she added.

Interlocutors of the source from the LPR also say that the situation is absolutely calm. Nobody has been involved in the misunderstanding between the ruling circles.

"Everyone just knows that there is some conflict between Plotnitsky and Kornet," a Lugansk citizen informs.

At the same time, the Interior Ministry of the Republic assures that the situation is completely controlled by law enforcement agencies, and the personnel of the Ministry continue fulfilling their duties.

DONi News Agency keeps following the development of the situation in Lugansk. So far, there has been no unrest or violence reported. The conflict seems to be in the process of peaceful settlement, thus causing local residents no concern.

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DONi News Agency