Alexandrovka’s authorities to open kindergarten, renewed after hostilities

The only kindergarten in the near-front Alexandrovka locality in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk will start its work in December of this year after the three-years break caused by building’s damage due to Ukrainian shelling, reports the locality’s administration head, Konstantin Chaly.

“From 1st December we are to bring into operation the kindergarten which stopped working 3 years ago due to damage in the hostilities. All the parents are very excited, for this is the only kindergarten in the locality, and presently they have to go far to bring their children to another kindergarten,” said Chaly.

He also specified that in the near future the kindergarten will be ready to enlist nearly 70 children. According to him, applications on enlistment of 52 children had already been received.

It should be reminded that the kindergarten in the near-front Alexandrovka locality was seriously damaged twice. For the first time - in 2014: then the projectile of the multiple rocket launcher system "Grad" landed on the children's playground of the establishment, as a result, glazing, roofing and doors were damaged. Then, at the end of January 2015, one of the establishment’s buildings was targeted by a tank shell.

DONi News Agency