Alexander Zakharchenko: "Mayors must remember they are responsible for thousands of people"

The Head of the Donetsk People's Republic held a working meeting with heads of cities and districts of the DPR and heads of departments on the issues of launching the heating season and restoring residential and social housing on October 17.

"A lot of criticism will be arisen today, as there are shortcomings in the process of preparation for the autumn-winter period. I will not praise anyone! Let's consider the thorniest issues," the Head of State said.

The Minister of Construction and Housing Sergei Naumets reported to Alexander Zakharchenko on the beginning of the heating season.

According to the Minister, the works on preparing the housing stock, social facilities, heat and water supply for the heating season of 2017-2018 have been generally completed. 1,134 boiler houses, 12,238 residential buildings, and 1,210 social facilities have been prepared for the launch of central heating systems.

As of 12.00 on October 16, 1,120 boiler houses have been entered in operation, 14 have not been timely launched for various reasons, field works continue being held. In total, some 219 homes still remain without heating in the Republic, the largest number of buildings – 118, are located in Zugres. Having received the report of the city administration head, the Head of State ordered to connect all the objects of the locality to the heating system in the shortest possible time. In turn, Sergei Naumets reported to Alexander Zakharchenko that a mini-boiler room would be launched to provide social facilities with heating in Zugres in the coming days.

Along with that, Alexander Zakharchenko stressed that social facilities, like hospitals, kindergartens and schools, should be heated by 100% and kept under the special attention of mayors.

In addition, within the framework of the meeting, the issue of providing the cities and regions of the Republic with sprinkling material and fuels for road cleaning during the winter period were considered. Alexander Zakharchenko ordered Sergei Naumets to hold a tender and identify a single supplier to provide all the cities and regions of the country with sprinkling material and salt.

At the meeting there were also discussed the main issues and problem points of the third stage of reconstruction in the Republic. As of today, the list of buildings, both residential and social, has already been determined.

The DPR Head noted the necessity to enhance control over contract organizations performing works in order to reduce the number of defects and unscrupulous repairs. Alexander Zakharchenko took this question under personal control.

"Dear colleagues! Millions of people are behind us, and we should not live as before. Problems should be solved quickly and accurately. You should monitor all the emerging issues in the cities, as you are representatives of the authorities and are in charge of your territory. You should do everything possible and impossible, so that our people can live comfortably. Our task is to get prepared for the worst developments, and not wait for the winter to be mild. The DPR cities should be ready for any surprises of nature. This is your field of ​​responsibility," Alexander Zakharchenko addressed the city heads.

Source: Official web-site of the DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko 
Official translation by DONi News Agency