Alexander Zakharchenko becomes first driver of "Donbass" bus

On August 11, the Head of the Republic conducted a test drive of the first Donbass bus, which was produced at the Dongormash plant.

Even before 2015, military equipment was repaired in the largest shop of the "Dongormash", today the first Republican production of transport is established here. For now Donetsk manufacturers are engaged in large-scale assembling of buses from components supplied by the Russian Federation. The first two buses "Donbass" rolled off the production line, they will be directed to the Gorlovka routes. The bus costs about two million rubles. And, as experts say, production is much more profitable than the purchase of ready-made vehicles. Over time, it is planned to release own parts and open a service center, which will not only load adjacent enterprises, but also reduce the cost of the product.

The Head of State came to test the buses. After a short conducted tour of the plant, Alexander Zakharchenko personally took to the wheel of the "Donbass". Having traveled several kilometers around the city, Alexander Vladimirovich noted the comfort and ease in driving the bus.

"In terms of comfort for the driver, the car is very thought out, the transmission box and clutches work like a dream. And I like the name! The bus is powerful, a real “Donbass”," he shared his first impressions.

When talking to the first passengers – the press, the Head of State stressed that this is just the initial stage of production development.

"The first buses will go to Gorlovka and the Ministry of Education and Science to bring children to schools. By the end of the year, 100 such buses are planned to be produced, all of them will serve passengers of state ATPs. To date, the lack of buses in the Republic is 400 units, so there is still a lot of work. Then we will offer "Donbass" to private carriers as well.

It is important that there are plans for the production of own components. We will independently produce many details. Thus, various enterprises of the country will have work, and the price of the bus will decrease. In addition, own buses – this is an opportunity not to increase the cost of travel in public transport," said the Head of the DPR.

Source: Official web-site of the DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko

Official translation by DONi News Agency