AFU soldier provides data on Ukrainian, international journalists brought to film provocations against LPR

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Lugansk People's Republic has received at its disposal a list of names and personal data of journalists from Ukrainian and Western media who visited the so-called 'ATO' zone during 22-25.08.2017. As stated, those journalists were brought to the AFU firing points to shoot reprisal fire on the LPR People's Militia part after the provocative fire by the Ukrainian forces. An officer of the AFU "Lugansk" task force's headquarters passed this information via the LPR MIA hot line in the framework of the programme for the payment for information about the crimes by Ukrainian punishers.

"There was an order to maximally promote their work. And we did it. Look at their routes and compare them to the places of us 'asking' for reprisal fire from your side. You will discover a lot of interesting things," the Ukrainian officer said.

The fact is included in the Incident and Crime Book of the LPR Ministry of Internal Affairs. The inspection has started. The received information was transferred to all interested parties.

Reportedly, the LPR Minister of Internal Affairs Major-General of police Igor Kornet has confirmed readiness of the LPR Ministry of Internal Affairs to pay for the information about Ukrainian punishers' crimes.

"This is an ordinary practice, world practice. It is very effective. The Ministry of Internal Affairs is working closely with the MGB, the General Prosecutor's Office and the People's Militia of the Republic, as well as with colleagues from the DPR. No crimes by Ukrainian punishers in the territory of Donbass must and will remain without punishment," the head of the law enforcement agency of the Republic said.

According to the LPR Ministry of Internal Affairs

DONi News Agency