AFU soldier advised to ‘wait for Russian tanks’ in Kharkov

In the Kharkov supermarket, a man who was demobilized from the Ukrainian Armed Forces was denied service in the Ukrainian language. This was reported by activist Stanislav Fedorchuk on his Facebook page.

As Fedorchuk points out, the cashier told the former soldier that she recognized the only state language – Russian. She suggested that the soldier "wait for the Russian tanks," with the arrival of which, any need to speak Ukrainian will disappear.

"Because Kharkov – this is also Russia, if someone doesn't know," the activist quoted the woman's words.

Fedorchuk concluded that this case not only raises the question of using the Ukrainian language, but is "a story about potential collaborators."

Earlier, President of Ukraine Pyotr Poroshenko signed the law on education, which significantly reduces the possibility of teaching in the languages of national minorities. It came into force on September 28 and will be implemented in stages - until 2020.

DONi News Agency