Adviser to Trump: US to continue strengthening Ukraine's defense capabilities

The further enhancement of Ukraine's defensive ability remains part of the policy of the current US administration, Washington will continue providing Kiev with non-lethal weapons, US National Security Adviser Herbert McMaster stated on Saturday, December 2, speaking at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in the State of California. His speech was broadcast on Fox News.

He was asked whether the armament of Ukraine was still the policy of the administration.

"Yes, we will continue to strengthen the defensive capabilities of Ukraine. This is based on the provision of non-lethal weapons," McMaster said.

"The Ukrainians are making significant steps in the implementation of important government reforms, and reforming the army," the Adviser to US President Donald Trump said.

On Monday, November 27, State Department Spokesman for Ukraine Kurt Volker said that the US leader had not yet made a decision to supply Kiev with US weapons, including anti-tank systems, despite the recommendations he had given.

Earlier, the head of the General Staff of the AFU Viktor Muzhenko said that Kiev had agreed on lists of weapons for deliveries from the US and expected a corresponding political decision. The Ukrainian military are eager to receive air defense systems, anti-tank weapons, as well as air reconnaissance and EW assets.

DONi News Agency