About 60% of bomb shelters ready in DPR in case of AFU's offensive

About 60 percent of bomb shelters in the DPR are ready for use in the event of an escalation of hostilities. This was reported today in the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic.

"According to the instructions of the Head of the Republic, local administrations and property holders have been carrying out inventories of civil defense structures since December 2017, which the population can use as shelters from the consequences of hostilities," the press service noted. "In all, about 60 percent of the protective facilities have been prepared at the moment."

The department explained that work is also being done to provide safe havens with all necessary property in case of shelling. An exception are the defensive structures in the cities and districts of the Republic, located deep in the rear. Their security is controlled by the DPR Ministry of Emergency Situations through local administrations.

We recall that DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko at the end of December last year instructed the heads of administrations of cities and districts to conduct an inventory of shelters and provide them with everything necessary. Today there are more than 4,500 bomb shelters on the territory of the Republic, which is 8.5 times bigger than in 2014.

DONi News Agency