99-year-old woman veteran from Kiev-controlled Donbass receives financial aid under humanitarian program

The DPR authorities allocated financial aid, under the humanitarian program for reunification of the Donbass people, to a 99-years-old woman veteran of WWII, living in the Kiev-controlled territory of Donbass, said the Ministry of Labor and Social politics.

“Financial aid was provided to yet another veteran to commemorate the Victory Day. Despite her age, a 99-yer-old woman, veteran of the WWII, arrived in person and expressed her gratitude to the DPR authorities for honouring the heroic deed of veterans.”

Polina Vadimovna applied for the payment in the office of social aid and administrative services at the Mayorsk checkpoint, outside Gorlovka. Currently she resides in the Artyomovsky district of the former Donetsk region.

“Thank you for remembering and praising the history of your country, for not dividing people into “us” and “them”, for not giving up on any of them, for giving hope for reunification. We are one nation, one cannot forget that. ”

DONi News Agency