60% of DPR, LPR pensioners deprived of Ukrainian payments – UN

Some 60% of Donbass pensioners are deptived of Ukrainian payments. This was stated by the deputy head of the United Nations Agency for Refugees in Ukraine Noel Calhoun.

"Now only 40% of those who received pensions at the beginning of 2014 receive Ukrainian pensions in this territory. That is, the state stopped paying pensions, and most elderly people are in such a situation that they do not have enough food," Calhoun said.

According to the UN, as of the end of November 2017, more than 650,000 DPR and LPR residents did not were not paid Ukrainian payments.

"We see a large number of elderly people at checkpoints of entry and exit in the east of the country. A quarter of the people who cross the line of demarcation through the checkpoints are over 65 years old. And when I crossed the checkpoint last month, I saw how many older people were standing in line. They go for pensions, because they need to buy food and medicines," Calhoun said.


DONi News Agency