Up to 20 Ukrainian tanks redeployed to Granitnoye vicinity in Donbass south

20 Ukrainian tanks were redeployed to the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) near Volnovakha yesterday evening, DPR Operational Command reports. 

"Up to 20 AFU tanks arrived at large company positions located between Granitnoye and Novogrigorovka, at advance-prepared positions taking refuge in nearby wooded areas in the daytime," said the source.

The Republican Command added that five IFVs had been redeployed to the positions as well, the location of which had been previously reported.

It should be noted that the DPR intelligence regularly informs about the redeployment of the enemy military equipment and personnel near the contact line.

In particular, yesterday afternoon it was reported about the redeployment of 25 Ukrainian tanks and fifty fighters of the Security Service of Ukraine Alfa special unit to Donbass. 

DONi News Agency