109 markets pass to DPR state property since April 2016

One hundred and nine trading platforms in the cities and districts of the Donetsk People's Republic have become property of the state enterprise since April 2016, the DPR People's Council deputy Sergei Zavdoyev stated at a meeting of the Provisional Commission on markets’ transfer and work with non-resident enterprises.

"To date, 109 markets have already become state property of the Donbass Markets state enterprise," Zavdoyev said.

The meeting was also attended by: Commission’s chairman, head of the Donetsk Republic faction Alexander Kostenko; National Assembly deputy, head of the People's Control project Yekaterina Martyanova; General Director of the Donbass Markets SE Dmitry Khorunzhy. Plans for the Commission activity were discussed for the near future.

"We will involve the People's Control, in particular, for price monitoring," Kostenko said.

"I believe the PC will have a beneficial effect on the work of the Interim Commission. Our task now is to create a balance between the manufacturer, the seller and the consumer," Martyanova said.

The Interim Commission of the People's Council on markets’ transition into state ownership and work with non-resident enterprises at which temporary state administrations were introduced, was established on June 16, 2017. The DPR law on markets came into force on April 27, 2016. The document provides for the transition of all the Republic’s markets into state property.

DONi News Agency