“Fair defense” organization gives cases of 110 victims of Ukrainian aggression to International court

In February 2018 public organization “Fair defense” handed over to International criminal court and European court on human rights cases on 110 perished and affected due to Ukrainian aggression, reports the organization’s representative Ivan Kopyl.

“In February materials on 54 affected citizens were transferred to the International criminal court; reportedly, those 54 cases included cases of 2 perished and one wounded children under 18 and 26 perished and 25 wounded adults. Apart from it, 56 complaints from Donbass citizens, affected due to Ukrainian government’s criminal actions were sent to the European court on human rights,” enumerated Kopyl.

In total, according to his data, from the beginning of organization's work (September 2015), 680 materials have been transferred to the International criminal court, 332 of which were received by the Prosecutor’s Office. During the same period, 1891 complaints have been sent to the European court on human rights, about a half of which are registered and awaiting consideration.

DONi News Agency