Zakharchenko: We fight not to let someone profit on human blood [VIDEO]

"Recently, the first deputy of the Minister of revenue and fees, Mikhailov Alexander, was taken into the custody," said Alexander Zakharchenko, the Head of the Donetsk People's Republic. 

"I personally gave the order to arrest him. Mikhailov is accused of the corruption and attempt to collapse state enterprises. I would like to remind you that many of you, who are present here, thousands of people on the front line, our compatriots, went to protect our land not to make someone a king, or a rich man, not to let someone get profit while people spill their blood.

It is not what we fought for, it is not what we were wounded and suffered for in hospitals, so I had already said that and I will repeat: there is no deputy immunity in our country, so I want you to know and tell the others, if you think that only the official bodies like Ministry of Internal affairs or Ministry of State Security are watched and controlled, you are mistaken.

A year and a half ago I had created a special service which reports to me personally.The group is quite closed, few people know about it, but I will monitor everything, from markets to administrations.

We have no immunity, no one is untouchable in our country, and no bastard will steal the state’s money or corrupt the enterprises. I also undertook some personnel replacements in the Consumers Service because of the institution’s inappropriate work."

DONi News Agency 

Video: the DPR Information Ministry