Ukrainian punishers shell Zaporozhye [VIDEO]

There is a shelling of Zaporozhye. AFU soldiers accidentally shelled the Melitopol district of the city during their trainings.Ukraine's military have shelled their own citizens not for the first time.Shells regularly hit Tombovka Village in the Zaporozhye region. A house of a local resident came under fire during Ukrainian Army's training. “Doughty military” quickly repaired the damaged windows and hastily retreated.

"Here is the window in a bathroom. It has been covered with a packaging film. A bullet flew in from the street, flew through two glasses and we found it over there, between a washing-machine and shower room," said  Marina, a resident of the Zaporozhye region suffering from AFU shelling. 

This time, nobody was injured. Though, three years ago Ukrainian military's trainings made a local resident a physically-challenged person.A bullet hit her head. Elena tells that this case was hushed up and nobody compensated either losses of property or health detriment.

"This is the bullet which hit my head in 2014. I was operated two times.Here is the bullet.A case was opened, but there was no continuation. Everything was hushed up," said Elena, a resident of the Zaporozhye region suffering from AFU shelling. 

Residents of the locality are afraid of going out when firing begins on a range located not so far from Tombovka. Bullets fly now here, now there.After shelling, they are found and collected by kids.

"Of course, we're afraid, that's why when it's noisy and shots can be heard I prohibit my kid to go for a walk, I take her home," pointed out Svetlana, a resident of Tambovka Village. 

Local residents ask Ukraine's authorities to close the range due to which they live in a permanent state of fear. However, it is a habit already for AFU punishers to shell Donbass civilians, so now they shell their own citizens without hesitation.  

DONi News Agency 

Video: 1 Respublikansky TV Channel, DPR