Ukraine, our brotherly nation? [VIDEO]

Brotherly nations, you say? Of course, answer us, our Ukrainian not brothers, who denied our bounds right at the Kiev Maidan. By that they wanted to show their ‘dignity’. We never wanted to do any measures, for their American curators are showing “dignity” of some other sort... 

And we, as their ‘brothers’, felt the ATO (Anti-Terrorist Operation) in full, for they consider us to be “terrorists”. So what are we to do with that fraternal unrelated bounds? Suffer? Bur we’ve suffered a lot. We’ve been suffering for 23 years.

They called our language second-rate and labeled us as third-rate people. They set the time back, had the history rewritten, destroyed our factories, installed on some weird idols our land. Such practices were regarded as occupation even in peaceful times, considering the fact they’ve disbanded our military units.

They’ve sent revisions from Lvov region to see how the things are here, and the Head of the boarder detachment came here from Ternopol, to dig the tranches on the Russian border. But even by such Ukrainian invasion they couldn’t break our Russian spirit.

So they started shelling us, our schools and peaceful cities.Why not? We are terrorists.

That’s how the Ukrainian World see us, and their world is not just president, government and parliament; it is also those volunteers who go to serve in the ATO, and those people who give a half of percent of their salary to support our killing. Plus the government takes one hryvnya when someone refills its mobile account and 1% when someone receives cash in the ATM machine.

So near every ATM machine, every terminal bullets and MRLS are made to kill, destroy and put us out of existence. To clear the territory.

Considering the fact the international society supports them, watch us and dream to take us back to our “Fraternal Ukrainian people” and we are just laboratory rats in the center of a grand experiment on peaceful regulation. But even during the so-called ceasefire our people continue perishing all over Donbass: in Stakhanovo, Irmino, Kirovsk. And the experiment goes on. 

Brotherly nations? Yeah, right. 

DONi News Agency

Video: Lugansk24, 05/31/2017