Threat of Chemical Catastrophe at Mariupol Metallurgical Plant [VIDEO]

The slag waste norms excess in the workshops of the Mariupol Metallurgical Plant named after Illyich can cause the chemical catastrophe. It was reported by the DPR Emergency Ministry during the conjoint inspection on the security of enterprises, situated in the Kiev-occupied Donbass territories

Over 33 thousand people will occur in the chemically polluted zone, namely, the citizens of the Kalmiussky and the Tsentralny districts of Mariupol.The fossil fuels workshop, the workshop of cold flat steel and the thermal power station were classified as the highly dangerous objects of the second rate.

Considering the fact that the enterprises have 90 hectares of sludge storage pits, situated in the city, the number of waste increases 7 million tones.

The contamination zone is to be 5 kilometers deep, its square – nearly 80 square kilometers - such statistic proves the fact that the city is in danger. 

DONi News Agency 

Video: DPR TV Channel 'Union'