Lugansk Defense Video Report, 03/21/2017

Frontline situation report in the Lugansk People's Republic for the past 24 hours on March 21. For the last 24 hours the Ukrainian forces violated the ceasefire 7 occasions. During the shelling the enemy applied mortars of 120 mm and 82 mm calibre, IFVs, rocket anti-tank launchers, recoilless guns and small arms. 

The following localities underwent shelling: Nizhneye Lozovoe, Lozovoye, Knyaz Igor monument’s area, Sokolniky, Kalinovka, Logvinovo.

From Luganskoye locality direction the Ukrainian forces fired at the People’s Militia positions in Nizneye Lozovoe, Lozovoye and Kalinovka localities.

Logvinovo locality’s area underwent shelling from Mironovsky locality’s direction. 28 explosions of 120 mm and 82 mm calibre mortar rounds and about 60 shots with IFVs, grenade machine guns and rocket anti-tank launchers  were recorded.

From Krimskoye locality’s direction the Ukrainian forces conducted fire at Sokolniky locality. Over 100 shots with IFVs, grenade machine guns, recoilless guns and small arms were recorded. The People’s Militia positions in Knyaz Igor monument’s area underwent the Ukrainian shelling from Valuyskoye locality’s direction.

No casualties among the People’s Militia soldiers or among the civilians were reported. 

DONI News Agency

Video: LPR Ministry of Defense, 03/21/2017