International conference in support of Donbass people in Belgium [VIDEO]

LPR Representative and Trade Unions' Presidium Member Andrey Kochetov is in Brussels (Belgium) where he has participated in an international conference held in support of Donbass People that has taken place in a debating chamber of the European Parliament (EP). 

The representative of the Federation of the LPR Trade Unions made a speech at the event; he handed over to the chairman of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani the appeal of the Donbass residents, as well as materials on the threatening ecological situation in the territory of Donbass, temporarily controlled by Ukraine. In the course of his speech, Andrey Kochetov invited the deputies of the European Parliament to visit the Lugansk People's Republic and take part in celebrations of one of the most significant holidays for Donbass - the Miner's Day. 

The deputies of the European Parliament present at the meeting agreed that it was necessary to convey to the entire Europe the voice of the Donbass Republics.

DONi News Agency 

Video: Lugansk People's Republic