Graham Phillips on MH17 eyewitnesses: 'No one saw a BUK but fighter jets' [VIDEO]

British journalist Graham Phillips, who is well known for his wide Donbass reporting, gave an interview to the Dutch "We Are Change" organization, and, basing on his numerous eyewitnesses interviews, told one thing for sure: "No-one saw a BUK missile, but fighter jets in close vincinity of Malesian Airlines flight MH17", when it was shot down in Donbass on 17.7.2014.

In the video interview there is also an orginal footage of materials made in the Donetsk People's Republic, where people told Graham Phillips what they had seen on that tragic day. 

- You spoke to most witnesses, what did all of them have in common?

"No-one saw a BUK (ground to air missile), it's one thing, and lots of them saw planes, they saw two fighter jets", Graham said and continued that no-one had either met with these witnesses or taken their statements. "Just an absolute anomaly, such an amount of stuff that was left behind there on site," he said.

See the whole video interview, published on 23 July 2016.

DONi News Agency