DPR starts manufacturing its own 'Donbass' buses [VIDEO]

Two buses of the DPR own production were presented.The vehicles were called “Donbass”. The quality of the new production was personally examined by the DPR Head, Alexander Zakharchenko, who conducted a test-drive on the streets of Donetsk.How does the Republic’s pride look like and how soon will it be launched on the route knows Bogdan Smirnov. The buses are still hot off the skillet but already ready to operate: the first in the Republic’s history own-produced bus is standing in the “DonGorMash” workshop. Long-term achievements of the working region were embodied at the vehicle’s name “Donbass”. Stylish design and comfort are not the only advantages of the national vehicle. 

DONi News Agency 

Video: 'Union' TV Channel, DPR