Donetsk Defense TV News Report, 05/31/2017

Over the past 24 hours Ukrainian gunmen committed 65 ceasefire violations in the Donertsk People's Republic. In total 17 DPR localities underwent the Ukrainian shelling.

According to the DPR Defense Ministry’s data, during the shelling of the DPR near front localities, Ukrainian forces applied tank and artillery guns, mortars, IFVs, armored vehicles, grenade launchers and small arms.

Ukrainian forces shelled the locality of Zaitsevo with 82 mm mortars overnight. On the Krasny Partyzan Str., 16-A the house was destroyed by the direct hit, reports the acting City Council’s Head, Ivan Prykhodko. No casualties resulted from shelling were reported.

Apart from it, the Ukrainian army conducted fire at the locality of Kominternovo in the Novoazovsky district to the DPR south. The shop’s building was destroyed by the direct hit, roof, walls and doors were heavily damaged, reports the City Council’s Press service.

DONi News Agency

Video: UNION TV, 05/31/2017