Children of the Donbass war tell their heartbreaking stories [VIDEO]

Documentary by the DPR Armed Forces' Press Service military correspondent Mikhail Andronik, translated and dubbed by the DONi News Agency.

During the so-called 'anti-terrorist operation' campaign conducted by the Ukrainian government, 199 Donbass children have been killed and about 500 received injuries of various severity.

In this film, you will hear heartbreaking stories told by the children of Donbass who survived the bombing and artillery strikes by the AFU. Many of them were orphaned, many became disabled.

8-year-old Vadik lost his mother and partially went blind after six shells hit their place. Now the boy may become completely disabled.

Doctors couldn't at first figure out whether 4-year-old Kirill was wounded, as he was entirely covered with blood. His grandmother found the shell-shocked boy when his perished mother was still holding him. After all, Donetsk surgeons took out a splinter which was very close to his brain. Kirill could have died together with his mum. 

After 17-year-old Katya survived a shelling worrying only about her close family, she had to tough out another one which broke out when the girl was at hospital. “I would never wish anyone to go through such an experience,” she says.

13-year-old Igor underwent two operations since the brutal shelling had ruined his house and killed his pet. 
Ukrainian forces 'helped' 8-year-old Nastya to 'celebrate' her birthday. That loud 'kaboom' and shatters around her will forever remain in her memory.

10-year-old Seryozha went lame due to Ukrainian shelling.

10-year-old Andrei is stuck in a wheelchair, he can move only thanks to a German-made apparatus.

4-year-old Liza was 7 months old when her mother shielded her from a shell-burst, having received severe wounds of the throat and thus perished.

“Political map’s destiny cost many children their lives,”11-year-old Marina writes in her poem devoted to the events in her homeland, concluding the outcome of the bloody fratricidal war wages by Ukraine.

“I wish every child had a mother” - let these words echo in the heart of every person watching this documentary imbued with children's tears, fear, and unresolvable pain. 

DONi News Agency 

Video: Press-Service of DPR People's Militia