Bell for Donbass Angels Action [VIDEO]

Ukraine has been murdering. It has been slowly and methodically murdering us for three years already. Senior citizens and youth, men and women have been perishing in this war. Ukrainian shells have been taking children’s lives, killing new-born babies and children under five, school children and students.On the background of world’s silence, children of Donbass people have been dying. On August 31st at 12:00 am the school bell is to ring in every school to honor children, who will never come to school on September the first. Join the action! Honor the memory of those children by turning on the siren or car horn, let everyone hear the sound and recollect the late boys and girls. We hope that the world will hear: Ukraine has been murdering us. On August 31st, at 12:00 am.  

DONi News Agency 

Video: Ministry of Information, DPR