Assasination attempt of minister: Ukrainian SBU-agents arrested in the DPR [TV Report]

One week ago an attempted assassination of the DPR Revenue Minister, Alexander Timofeyev, took place. Then the Republic’s State Security Ministry promptly detected and neutralized a part of the group of large agent’s net.

Members of that group are involved in several heinous crimes in the DPR and the LPR.

In front of the TV cameras Ukrainian mercenaries, as the investigation puts them, seem depressed. They were trained and prepared in Ukraine at the Special Forces range.

"We had our shooting training at the range, run by the 8th regiment, and later we had mine-blasting work trainings. The range was situated not far from Kiev, in the woodland," said Igor Evtushin, call sign “Nayomnik”.

Saboteurs penetrated the Republic’s frontiers with the help of fake passports. Criminals were living in the safe houses, used numerous hidings. Orders, facilities and ammunition needed for sabotages had been provided by communication agents.

Showed camera, concealed in a piece of wood, saboteurs were using during their last mission, which they had been preparing for 3 months.  

"I set it at the crossroads of the Ulrikh Str., and the Mira Ave., as we were planning to blow the car right there, so we were said to set the camera there, to specify how does the victim usually crosses that place, for we were to blow his car, we didn’t know who was driving it. Only as I came here I figured out who it was," said Denis Derbishin, call sign "Krik".

"From the very start, Pavel Balov was our curator, but in fact he is more related to the military, he is from the 8th regiment. Last Spring he transferred us to the Main Reconnaissance Department," said Igor Evtushin.

According to detainees, their curators from the Main Reconnaissance Department were spying on the Ukrainian State Security Service’s employees, and here’s the reason why:

"02/11 Ukrainian State Security Service’s agents were arrested at the checkpoint, it caused hype," said Denis Derbishin. "To cut a long story short, the Ukrainian State Security Service’s agents were caught here."

They had been spying on the rented garage, where the Ukrainian State Security Service’s agent was to deliver explosives, for several days. The Ukrainian Special Services were to pay 10 thousand dollars for the car’s undermining to each member of the group. But apparently, no stepback was planned for those saboteurs, they were used and then their curator failed to contact them. Presently, the investigation is ongoing.

DONi News Agency