American journalist helps to restore kindergarten in Donbass front-line district [VIDEO]

The military correspondent of the News Front attended the meeting of Patrick Lancaster, the famous photojournalist of Novorossia, a foreigner who practically from the very beginning came to war-torn Donbass not to hype himself or earn money, but to help in the people’s confrontation. It's not for nothing, he is an old friend of Grisha (Graham) Phillips, people's diplomacy does exist.

"Today, we are opening the kindergarten. I would like to thank the people who have helped to rebuild the roof, walls, windows and other structures damaged by shelling. Thanks to you, it has become possible to open this kindergarten. A huge thanks to the Spendenaktion fur Novorossia Group and to everyone who takes part in humanitarian actions for the people of Donbass. Thank you for helping Donbass!,” said Oleg Morgun, Yasinovataya Administration acting Head.   

Then, the journalist (Patrick) plunged into difficult memories of hard times for the residents of the village: 

“Well, in 2014 shells landed in the street right outside this kindergarten and basically filled the roof, the windows and the kindergarten itself full of shrapnel holes and made it completely out of commission. The kindergarten hasn’t been working for three years and today is the first time that’s the kinds of Mineralnoye have been able to go to kindergarten here.

And it’s only possible because of the people that have helped and donated the money to fix, not fix but totally replace the roof, replace every single window and much more. And the Spendenaktion fur Novorossia group has helped greatly. That couldn’t ever be done without them. That’s really a great thing for the community here in Mineralnoye, for the children and this is been done in cooperation with the Donetsk People’s Republic government and Yasinovataya administration.

And it’s great team efforts here and please continue to donate because we could never help the people of Donbass like we do without donations. So, please continue to donate. Winter’s coming now. The people here really need your help. We have many actions in humanitarian aid distribution ready to go, we just need the funds to do it. So, please help us help Donbass,” said Patrick Lanckaster. 

DONi News Agency  

Video: Katerina Katina, Military Correspondent of the News Front team