Viral Extermination: Ukraine–2018. Measles

The news about the incidents of viral diseases in Ukraine have increasingly started resembling combat reports. Moreover, sometimes it seems that only a virus, which annihilates the nation by the thousands of victims, would be worse than a war. An uncontrollable acute toxic infection that has no method and sometimes even a possibility of its treatment. Enormous non-battle casualties, and an incessant risk to get infected is everywhere.

So, what kind of a disease is meant in the official reports of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine? Is it Ebola, an exotic disease? Could it be Marburg’s disease or long-forgotten smallpox? We sadly acknowledge that it is just a simple infection that actually can be restrained, that infection virtually cannot kill a person in the 21st century. It is measles, the one that have long been explored by the medicine.

Having the rate of 90-95 percent of preventive vaccination amongst the vulnerable population, not only epidemics of this disease endanger the state, but also small outbreaks of viral diseases. However, there is a great rule of the colonial policy: sick and ignorant people can be manipulated very easily.

Let’s try to recall several episodes of the “History of the Disease” in the country, where epidemiologists who earlier formed “the gold reserve” of the world medical science recently worked:


Back in 2002, Ukraine was officially recognized as a country clear of poliomyelitis. However, as far back as August 2015, its first cases were recorded in Transcarpathia among children aged 4 and 10 months. All those infected had not got any vaccinations in their medical history. The first reports of the Health Ministry about the threatening disaster appeared in September 2015. The answer of the World Health Organization followed immediately: everyone who is going on a trip to the infected areas of the country should be extremely careful and get an additional dose of poliomyelitis vaccine in advance.

Swine Influenza

In January 2016, Ukraine officially admitted the influenza epidemic. By the end of February, according to official data, over 3 million people had been ill, more than 200 people of various ages died of severe worsening of the illness. The vaccination could have been an effective method to prevent that. Ukraine had not got it though.


It is an acute infectious disease, which was first discovered in the 50s of the 20th century in the small town of Coxsackie, the US. The virus, according to official data of Ukrainian epidemiologists, infiltrated into the territory of the state from Turkey. The first case was recorded in Lutsk in 2016. Disease epicenters: Dnepropetrovsk, Lvov, Lutsk, Odessa, Ternopol. Primarily children got sick with it. Curious to relate, an official data about the number of those who had recovered from the disease has not yet been revealed to this day.

The Epidemic in Izmail

June 16th, 2016, 50 residents, 39 children of them, started massively applying to medical facilities of Izmail. The number of victims had exceeded 800, more than half of them were children. Doctors then announced a mixed infection: simultaneous poisoning of mains water with rotaviruses, noroviruses and colibacillosis. According to the epidemiologist, Ph.D. (Medicine) Vadim Melnik, the picture of the outbreak in Izmail was atypical for a viral infection.


At the end of 2017, the number of measles cases amongst Ukrainians in a few weeks had exceeded the usual rate by 43 times. In November 2017, among the severely ill patients, there had already been 2,558 children. As of the end of January, the infection rate has already exceeded a new threshold: the rate has been exceeded by 47 times. The country every week records from 600 to 800 cases of the disease. Infection epicenters: Zaporozhe, Kiev, Transcarpathia, Odessa. According to Suprun (Acting Minister of Health of Ukraine), since August 2017, about 6,500 people have got sick with measles in Ukraine. The official version of the healthcare leader is that measles infiltrated along with a circus troupe from Romania.

By the way, whenever an outbreak of any serious virus occurs, Odessa always gets on the TOP of heavy infection epicenters among the population. However, American ambassador to Ukraine Jeffrey Pyatt unequivocally called the Odessa region an “American laboratory”. If you closely look at the situation in the region, it is unimportant anymore whether that was a joke or not. No joking mood...

In fact, every year Ukraine is affected by acute epidemics, which the local Ministry of Health cannot restrain, each of them clearly indicates that a total vaccination is necessary. Without it, a disaster will spread all over the country. An extremely low scale of vaccination among the population is an absolute failure regarding all the vaccine-controlled infections, which, as we see, have managed to break loose in Ukraine for the last 3 years. But Suprun persistently keeps recommending citizens a treatment with red cloth cuts and onions, prettily grandstanding before the Ukrainian media with a sign in her hands that says “I’m clever, I’m vaccinated.” With that, since the beginning of 2015, the healthcare in the DPR at every turn has been encouraging residents not to bother with self-medication and in case of any symptoms apply to healthcare institutions for aid and treatment. The staff of highly professional doctors has been preserved, the equipment is available, and there are no problems with vaccines. Therefore, the DPR do not encounter any problems with epidemics.

The refusal from vaccination imposed by the West, surprisingly, was taken by the Ukrainian nation as the only true solution that soon led to numerous outbreaks of infections. Ironically or accidentally, they most often infiltrate from the very West. Given that, now it is almost unimportant whether a person is vaccinated or not. After all, the infection has begun to spread with enormous speed over to both adherents and opponents of the vaccination. Someone refuses the vaccines intentionally and now does not know how to defeat the virus, reasonably being in fear of it at every turn. Another one who had always been up FOR the vaccination, gets sick all the same, because the reforms implemented in the healthcare system of Ukraine have equaled everyone, because the state shifted off its care for fellow citizens. Just think it over: the country has no the vaccine, unlike the DPR!

Neighboring countries sometimes send small humanitarian lots of vaccine to Ukraine, certainly trembling for their people, because the number of “Ukrainian illegal aliens” going abroad is steadily growing. For instance, on January 26th, representatives of the Hungarian government transferred 8,000 vaccines against measles, mumps and rose-rash, which were purchased by the Ministry of Human Resources within the framework of the Hungarian national immunization program, to Transcarpathia.

On January 27th, the fact was revealed that at one of the Polish companies, engaging in the production of meat, 12 cases of measles infection were recorded, 9 of those fell on Ukrainian citizens. The workers of the company forcibly were vaccinated.

“Another Ukrainian guest worker got sick with measles, working for a company that processes vegetables. Besides, Ukrainians who work for a construction company are suspected of being infected,” the West Ukrainian data portal reports.

Since the first outbreak of measles in Ukraine in 2015, the Donetsk People’s Republic had not recorded any case of the virus in its territory. However, due to the stepped-up epidemic in the adjacent territory and the mass entry and exit of citizens through the checkpoints, on January 16th, 2018, the Republic’s Health Ministry announced the first cases of the disease among DPR citizens.

“The Republic Center for Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspectorate of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of the DPR Ministry of Health informs that a measles outbreak, which numbered 6 cases of the disease, has been recorded in Donetsk. All those who fell ill are residents of Donetsk,” the ministry officially stated.

Nevertheless, the same month, on the 19th of January, the Ministry of Health issued the Order On Approval of Activity Plan to Prevent the Spread of Measles in the Territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic”. The day before, January 18th, and then on January 22nd, major medical workshops on the organization of remedial, diagnostic and anti-epidemic measures against measles took place. Heads of outpatient departments and first-aid centers, therapists, pediatricians, infectiologists were engaged. In total, there were more than 100 leading doctors. Unprecedented measures had been taken to protect citizens from the dangerous disease.

That is, Donetsk had been ready for the development of the situation and realized all external risks, having taken all the possible measures to prevent the epidemic in DPR territory. Obviously, no one closed the state borders with Ukrainian territory. At all the checkpoints you can see long lines before both the entry and the exit. Just a silent question appears before the so-called “travelers” to Ukraine: “Why?” How can you possibly think that even a single trip, whether to a bank, a social security agency or to a relative, is important as much as the health of the whole region? However, the risk of infiltrating the infection into DPR territory remains on the conscience of those who decide to visit the infected Ukrainian areas.

The DPR Ministry of Health provides a free measles vaccine to the population of the Republic. You can be vaccinated at the outpatient clinics of the Republic. Heads of all healthcare facilities who engage in the current situation have organized appropriate preventive anti-epidemic measures. The Ministry of Health adopted appropriate protective measures, as well as strengthened control over the immunologic prophylaxis.

Despite all the difficulties, the republic medicine remains modern and socially oriented. The DPR has managed to preserve the situation with the vaccination of the population from the very beginning of the republic’s formation. We can safely say that the activity plan for vaccinating the population has been fully implemented. This merit of the republic healthcare system helps today to avoid constant infectious outbreaks that bluster the adjacent territory. According to the Ministry of Health, about 95% of the population has been vaccinated in full (the threshold of vaccination in Ukraine is 40-50% — president of the All-Ukrainian Council for the Protection of Rights and Safety of Patients Viktor Serdyuk), which allows keeping the situation with infectious and viral diseases of the population under control.

It is also noteworthy that reputed doctors of various areas predict that Ukraine will face other viral convulsions. According to their common opinion, after the outbreak of measles, an epidemic of diphtheria can inevitably arise. “Diphtheria is at the cusp, the mortality rate of which runs to 50% if a person is not treated timely with an anti-diphtheria serum, which does not exist in Ukraine at all,” Komarovsky, a famous children’s doctor, said. According to him, Ukraine very much requires large quantities of measles immunization vaccines. Only those can prevent the advancement of all coexisting diseases, which are getting closer and more perceivable.


We, residents of the DPR, had to face the military aggression of Ukraine and the economic blockade, but it turned out it was not the end of all those horrors that come from “the country of the democracy that prevailed”. Our and your borders, apart from their guns, which claim the lives of dozens of citizens of the republic, today have encountered the legion of uncontrolled viruses and infections. Infections that have caught on your feet, dear travelers, infiltrate into our home. Infections that can claim thousands of lives of innocent people. Probably, might it be not all that urgent to go towards the disaster, where the virus is raging? Take care of yourselves and remember: timely requesting for a medical assistance will help to avoid complications if you have become ill and prevent the infection of others!


DONi News Agency