Utilities folks to set up cast-iron pavilion from Donetsk airport in local park

Donetsk, November 13. Donetsk municipal services dismantled and hauled away from the airport of the DPR’s capital the pavilion which survived all the military hostilities to set it up in the city park as a symbol the citizens’ stout heartedness – the press service of City Hall.

"Today the public utilities’ specialists dismantled a cast-iron pavilion at the S.S. Prokofiev airport, the only object survived in the Donetsk airline hub destroyed by AFU," reported the City Administration.

According to the capital’s authorities, the iron work will be sent for restoration, after which the pavilion is to grace Donetsk Park of iron-shod figures as a symbol of Donetsk citizens’ stout heartedness under the Ukrainian aggression.

"It was suggested to call this memorial "War fruits", said the head of Donetsk Administration Igor Martynov.

DONi News Agency