US forbids Ukraine to give its weapons to Azov battalion

The weapons that the US will provide to Ukraine should not at the disposal of the Azov regiment. This situation is contained in the law passed by the US Congress on the allocation of military assistance to Ukraine worth $621 million, The Hill reports.

According to the publication, over the past three years, Congress has tried to introduce this ban into the law on assistance to Ukraine. But every year this norm was removed from the bill on the eve of voting. But now the parliamentarians have achieved their goal.

According to the draft law, it is prohibited to provide the Azov battalion with not only weapons, but also any means that can be used for protection, training or any other help to the bandit formation.

Interestingly, the American publication calls Azov "a separate battalion," although it has long been part of the National Guard. The regiment even has a political wing - the National Corps party, which is accused of adherence to Nazi ideas.

We recall, the House of Representatives of the US Congress approved the Consolidated Law on Budgetary Appropriations for 2018 in the size of 620.700 million dollars. According to the bill, 200 million dollars are allocated for military and technical assistance to Ukraine, which is $50 million more than the allocation of 2017.

Earlier, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives of the US Congress reviewed and recommended approval of the draft "Law of 2017 on cooperation with Ukraine on cybersecurity."

DONi News Agency