Ukrainian universities closed because of lack of money for heating

The Kiev National University named after Taras Shevchenko canceled presence-requiring classes until the spring due to lack of funds to pay for heat and electricity.

This is reported by Ukrainian media.

"Formally, this is called "distance studying." But everyone understands that neither the methods of distance studying nor the qualifications for it are available. I think, in some other universities this situation is happening, too," expert in energy Andrey Gerus wrote on Facebook.

Information about the transition to distance education was also confirmed by university students. However, until now they have not received a recommendation from teachers on this matter.

In this mode, students will study until March 5. There were no official comments from the KNU regarding the cancellation of the classes.

Moreover, in three Odessa universities the classes also canceled. In addition to heating, difficulties arose with light.

Since the new year, standards for the quality of lighting in classrooms have been applied in Ukraine, but not all schools can afford to renew lamps.

DONi News Agency