Ukrainian Rada claims pro-western reforms to cause AFU’s paralysis

Attempts to rearrange Ukrainian army according to the western pattern will lead to catastrophic consequences for Ukrainian Armed Forces, reports the Verkhovna Rada member Dmitry Tymchuk

According to him, the draft law on the creation of the Joint Operational Headquarters was made with the participation of NATO experts, but it completely ignores Ukrainian realities.

Particularly, orders of the new institution will contradict the objectives, announced by the General Staff, which possesses the same subordination status. Thus, such reforms will cause confusion and may lead to “the AFU military administration’s paralysis”.

“That will lead to a complete chaos and, I’m afraid, even to military operation’s disruption in some cases,” said the Verkhovna Rada member.

Earlier, the Verkhovna Rada made a bill on national security and defense. Particularly, the document presupposes creation of a new military command body, the Joint Operational Headquarters, which should control cross-branch and interagency means and groupings of forces.

DONi News Agency