Ukrainian paratroopers get reprimand due to failure of provocations against DPR

Gunmen of the 95th AFU airborne brigade got reprimand from the “Donetsk” tactical force’s commander due to the failure of provocations against the DPR near Avdeyevka.

It should be underlined that the representatives of the French-Ukraine interparliamentary relations group of the French National Assembly visited the above-mentioned area on 4th of April. On the eve of their arrival, the AFU conducted intensive fire at the DPR positions, trying to provoke the return fire.

"For the failure of the provocation, the command of the "dark pink hats" received reprimand from Vishnevsky (the “Donetsk” tactical force’s commander).In revenge, the 95th brigade’s gunmen shelled the DPR territory with hand grenade launchers immediately after the departure of foreigners" said Bezsonov.

He underlined that DPR Armed Forces strictly preserve the ceasefire and conduct no fire at Ukrainian positions.

DONi News Agency