Ukrainian invaders use Severodonetsk boarding school as children's brothel

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have organized a children's brothel in the Severodonetsk boarding school [the Lugansk region] under the auspices of the city authorities. The LPR Ministry of Internal Affairs has received in its disposal documents proving that the children's brothel had been organized and managed by the Ukrainian military and occupation authorities in Severodonetsk.

"During the operation of the hotline of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Lugansk People's Republic, it has been established that the administration of the Severodonetsk general boarding school for orphans enforced its underage children of both genders to have sexual contacts with paedophiles from among servicemen, law enforcers, nationalist battalion fighters and representatives of the occupation administration," the LPR Interior Ministry reported on October 20.

The department stated that the Republic’s police possessed documents on specific crimes and their participants. At present, an inspection is underway, after which the received materials will be made public, and also attached to a single criminal case on the crimes by the Ukrainian punishers and passed to all interested foreign and international authorities.

DONi News Agency