Ukrainian forces launch 194 shells onto DPR over past 24 hours

Over the past 24 hours Ukrainian forces launched 194 ammunition units onto the DPR territory, reports the JCCC representative.

It should be reminded that as on March 31st 19 ceasefire violations were recorded on the Ukrainian part. Violating the Minsk Agreements, the enemy applied various weapons.

Conducting shelling in the Donetsk direction, Ukrainian gunmen launched 6 mortar rounds of 82 mm caliber, conducted 10 shots with the automatic grenade launchers, twice applied large caliber small arms and 4 times small arms.

Shelling the Gorlovka direction, the enemy launched 2 mortar rounds of 82 mm caliber, 5 anti-tank grenade launchers and anti tank guns shells. Apart from it, IFVs were applied 7 times, large-caliber small arms -  2 times and small arms was applied twice as well.

In the Mariupol direction the enemy applied 5 mortar rounds of 120 mm caliber, 12 mortar rounds of 82 mm caliber, 3 shells of anti-tank grenade launcher. Additionally, automatic grenade launchers were applied 93 times, large caliber small arms – 15 times and small arms – 15 times.

The localities of Krutaya Balka, Kominternovo, Sakhanka, Leninskoye, Petrovskoye, Mikhailovka, Shakhta Glubokaya,  Zheleznaya Balka aqnd Staromikhailovka underwent Ukrainian shelling.

DONi News Agency