Ukrainian Drunken Ensign shoots tipsy soldier

An ensign of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) being under the influence of alcohol arrived at the checkpoint of his unit in the Kiev-army-occupied Yasinovataya district of the Donetsk region where he saw the soldier being under the influence of alcohol as well. 

Besides, the soldier kept drinking in front of the ensign and didn’t react to the admonition of the person of a higher rank. 

Such an injustice, from the point of view of subordination offended the ensign so much and as a consequence, he went to take an incontrovertible argument of the dispute settlement – the AK-47 Assault Rifle.

Having come back, the tipsy ensign began shooting the area near the feet of his drunken subordinate. 

Altogether, the ensign made 15 shots. 

Due to the fact that the ensign was drunken when shooting, the soldier’s feet were injured and he was hospitalized. 

The ensign was sentenced for 5 years.

DONi News Agency