Ukrainian Command “punishes” Ukrainian servicemen, perished in Donbass

Ukrainian reconnaissance officers, who tripped a minefield near Donetsk on March 28th will be fired from the AFU ranks for violating security protocol for special operations fulfillment, reports the DPR Operational Command’s Vice-Commander, Eduard Basurin.

“From reliable sources in the Occupational Forces Operation’s staff we received data on the results of the investigation on the fact of death (2 gunmen) and injury (3 gunmen) of Ukrainian servicemen from the 30th separate mechanized brigade’s reconnaissance group at the minefield near Donetsk, which occurred when they committed an attempt to carry out a sabotage in the Luganskoye locality’s area,” said Basurin.

According to the data received, Ukrainian Command ordered to consider scouts, perished and wounded at the minefield , as servicemen, who violated the security protocol for combat and special operations fulfillment and fire them (exclude post-mortem) from the AFU ranks without the right to compensation and social benefits.

It should be reminded that in the evening on March 28th the AFU reconnaissance group was going in the DPR positions’ direction and tripped a minefield near Donetsk. As a result, 2 Ukrainian servicemen perished, 3 were wounded.

DONi News Agency