Ukraine officially refuses to recognize Ukrainian passports of DPR, LPR residents

The Ukrainian state does not consider holders of Ukrainian passports, who live in the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, its citizens, reported a Ukrainian journalist pauluskp.

The journalist was surprised at the response of the migration service, which a girl from Yasinovataya had received in Poltava. The girl tried to apply for a biometric passport, providing an internal passport of a citizen of Ukraine to the migration service. But the passport with the Donbass registration does not prove the citizenship.

"Your identity is not establsihed, belonging to the citizenship of Ukraine is not confirmed," the Ukrainian activist quotes the official response made by the migration service of Ukraine.

A well-known fighter for the rights of the ‘Donetsk Ukrops’, who had moved to live in Ukraine during the events of 2014, came to the conclusion that Ukraine is not a legal state:

"Ukraine is not a legal state. In Ukraine, millions of people are deprived of their basic civil rights, only on the basis of belonging to a certain region. In Ukraine, these people are actually deprived of citizenship, declared non-citizens even if they have a passport. It has long been not only about domestic discrimination, but about mass-scale discrimination within the framework of state policy," the journalist stated.

DONi News Agency