Ukraine extends emergency measures in energy sector for the fourth time

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine at a meeting on Thursday extended for another month emergency measures in the energy sector due to anthracite deficiency.

"The Ministry asks to extend the duration of emergency measures in the energy sector for another month," said the head of the Energy Ministry of Ukraine Igor Nasalik, presenting the draft advisory government decision, which was then unanimously adopted.

According to Nasalik, thanks to the emergency measures implemented within three months, 1.7 million tons of coal were saved. At the moment, 2.2 million tons of coal are already stored in the warehouses of Ukrainian thermal power plants - exactly as much as it was in warehouses last autumn before the start of the heating season. At the same time, the contribution of nuclear power to electricity generation during the last month of emergency measures in the energy sector was 62% of the total mass.

From February 17, 2017, the energy emergency measures were established because of the Donbass coal supply blockade on the part of the Ukrainian radicals. The measures were prolonged on one month in March. It should be underlined that Ukraine is planning to substitute Donbass anthracite with the imported Southern Africa’s coal. According to the Ukrainian Energy Ministry’s Head Igor Nasalik, the majority of the Ukrainian electro generating enterprises started the preparation to the coal importing from the Republic of South Africa.

DONi News Agency