SBU detains about 20 people not supporting Ukraine – LPR People’s Militia

Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine and the National Guard of Ukraine detained for two days about 20 residents of Schastie village who do not support the Ukrainian government, said the Chief of the LPR People’s Militia Office, Colonel Mikhail Filiponenko.

"Thus, according to our information, on January 8 and January 9, in the village of Schastiye, SBU officers, together with the ‘national guard’ servicemen, carried out so-called measures to identify unreliable and dissenting citizens who do not support the government of Ukraine and sympathize with the People's Republics. During the two-day raid, at least 18 people were detained," the colonel said.

According to Filiponenko, all the detainees were sent to Severodonetsk for further investigation.

"Today [on January 12], the same raid is being conducted in Stanitsa Luganskaya. You can only guess how many people will be detained there," the Chief of the LPR People’s Militia Office added.

Earlier, Filiponenko reported that a company of the National Guard had arrived at the Stanichno-Lugansky district to carry out "cleansings" of residents who disagreed with the aggressive policy of Kiev.

DONi News Agency