Russia delivered gas to freezing Genichesk in Kherson region

Russian gas started flowing from the territory of the Crimea to the Genichsk district in the Kherson region of Ukraine in response to a request for help from the local authorities who had addressed the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

‘The instructions of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin have been executed, the gas has started to flow from the territory of the Crimea to the Genichesk district in the Kherson region of Ukraine,’ informed Dmitry Kozak, the Vice Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

Earlier, the mayor of the Ukrainian town appealed to the Russian side with a request for gas supplies due to the cold weather. The press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov informed later that the Head of the State had reviewed the appeal of the mayor of Genichesk and instructed, for humanitarian reasons, to study a possibility of gas supplies to help residents of Genichesk survive the extreme cold.

As of the evening of January 4, 1.5 thousand residents in the Genichesk district were left without gas.

Earlier it was reported that the district had been left without gas supplied by reversal from the Crimea after Ukraine had blocked the supply of electricity to the peninsula. It is noteworthy that last year the deputies of the Genichesk district council unanimously recognized Russia as an aggressor.

After the Russian gas started to flow to the Genichesk district the mayor of Genichesk Alexander Tulupov said that he had communicated only with the Ukrainian side about the problem with the gas supply and had not addressed the Russian side.

‘How could I appeal to the President of Russia?’ said Tulupov.

The Head of the “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Andrey Kobolev called the information about the gas supply to Genichesk a fake and announced that the official commentary of the press service of the “Nafrogaz” on the issue would be made the next day.

However, in Genichesk the head of the operational staff and the first deputy head of the district administration Alexey Syschenko previously confirmed the supply of gas from Russia to the district.

DONi News Agency