Republic's main Christmas tree opened in centre of Donetsk

Lights of the main Christmas tree of the Donetsk People's Republic lit on the central square of the capital - the Lenin Square. The event was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers Dmitry Trapeznikov, as well as acting mayor of Donetsk Alexey Kulemzin.

"Despite the war and constant aggression from Ukraine, our Republic lives a full life. We build a system of statehood and celebrate holidays. I wish you that the new year was better than the departing, so that in each family there was prosperity, peace and confidence in the future. Happy New Year and merry Christmas," Trapeznikov said.

"May the new year bring peace to our land. Happiness to all of you, health and love. May the most cherished dreams come true," Kulemzin congratulated people.

Festivities gathered about 10 thousand people. Around the tree, many children waited for the lights to turn on. For them contests, quizzes and games were organized with the participation of puppets in the role of heroes of popular fairy tales.

After the lights of the New Year's beauty lit, residents released more than a hundred white balloons into the sky. Then the disco began.

DONi News Agency